Meet The Team

Minu Mathew Kurian, Pastor

Minu Mathew Kurian


Over 20 years ago, my life was dramatically touched and transformed by God. As I was searching for meaning and fulfillment, I found it through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. That relationship grew, and as it did, I began to sense God’s plan for my life, a plan that included my wife, Anija, and I moving to Darwin. A group of Malayalee Pentecostal believers in early February 2010 gathered at our home, once in a week for Prayer, and that fellowship eventually evolved as Church of God In Darwin. God gave me enough grace and blessings to lead the fellowship and to take part in extending his mighty work in Darwin, Australia.

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On behalf of the entire leadership team here at Church of God In Darwin, we hope this ministry helps to discover the plan God has in store for us.  And as we discover His purpose for our life, we pray we would also experience the joy of seeing Him accomplish and complete the good work that He has begun for us.

“He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.” Philippians 1:6 (NKJV)

Daniel Philip, Pastor

Daniel Philip


We are from a orthodox family brought up with strict religious prayer & worship. At the age  of 37, I went to Gulf -Muscat looking for a job. There I had the opportunity to attend different christian worship, as there was only one church. This gave me chance to attend various denominations conventions. Malayalee Christian congregation was the pioneer gathering, till the advent of Priest & Pastors. I became more active with the MCC, gave me more devotion in Bible studies. I started teaching my wife too in my letters. She also joined with another prayer cell in their company.

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It took long years for my conversion, because I was still making arguments even after knowing the truth. By then my wife took baptism, later my children. With the grace of our Lord, I too joined the god’s family in my late 50s. Now I am running in my 70s and thanks to The Lord for the grace shown to my family. We ask your prayer for our stern stand with The Lord.

In early 2010, I went to Darwin, Australia on visit to join my son and family. During that time God gave me enough grace to guide and support the church there in Darwin which was just started with few believers. I am still actively taking part in grooming and developing the Church in Darwin.