Minu Mathew Kurian

Over 20 years ago, my life was dramatically touched and transformed by God. As I was searching for meaning and fulfillment, I found it through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. That relationship grew, and as it did, I began to sense God’s plan for my life, a plan that included my wife, Anija, and I moving to Darwin. A group of Malayalee Pentecostal believers in early February 2010 gathered at our home, once in a week for Prayer, and that fellowship eventually evolved as Church of God In Darwin. God gave me enough grace and blessings to lead the fellowship and to take part in extending his mighty work in Darwin, Australia.

On behalf of the entire leadership team here at Church of God In Darwin, we hope this ministry helps to discover the plan God has in store for us. And as we discover His purpose for our life, we pray we would also experience the joy of seeing Him accomplish and complete the good work that He has begun for us.

“He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.” Philippians 1:6 (NKJV)

Rockey Simon

Pastor Rockey Simon was born and brought up in a Pentecostal family. His father, also a pastor, worked diligently for the Lord’s kingdom until he was promoted to glory in the year 2010. Pr. Simon first joined with the body of Christ in the year 1991 when he accepted Christ as his personal saviour and took water baptism.

The Lord saw it fit to bring Sister Shirley from a similar background into his life as his partner and they were united in marriage in the year 1999. Although, they both had a deep desire to serve the Lord, the circumstances were not favourable for them at the time.

In the year 2001, the Holy Spirit uplifted Pr. Simon and filled him with its power and anointing which enabled him to stand up boldly for the Lord. The Lord opened ways for him to study the Bible in depth through the GFA. God revealed His unique purpose for this family and they started out in the path laid by God.

By God’s grace, the Simon family moved to the UK in 2003 and pioneered a work under the name of “Charisma Fellowship Church” in Liverpool. God used Pr. Rockey to evangelize many individuals in the area and helped these souls be introduced to the love of God and to His eternal church.

During their work in the UK they as family, faced many unexpected trails and troubles. It was just God’s grace that saw them through these challenges. God used him to start several small gatherings in different areas of the UK and enabled him to mentor several pastors to oversee these fellowships. These small gatherings have developed into strongholds for the glory of God today.

God empowered him with specific messages and allowed him to travel to several cities in the USA, Middle Eastern countries and Australia. Several lives were touched and transformed through his ministry.

God fulfilled his promise and as a result Pr. Rockey and family moved to Australia in the year 2012. Currently, Pr. Rockey resides in Darwin and is actively taking part in grooming and leading the church. He continues to minister His word along with other servants of the Lord. This is a family that has experienced the goodness of God in the past years and has completely relied on God’s grace to take a step forward each day. God has blessed them with two beautiful girls, Jewel and Angel. As a family, they have dedicated their life for God and they pray that God will continue to use them for His glory.